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Young People's Counselling

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I offer young people's counselling for young people aged between 13-17. I am experienced in providing emotional health and wellbeing support for children and young people, presenting with a variety of challenges and adversity. 

Young people's counselling is for any young person who is facing difficulties, this could be due to mental health, family situations, peer relationships, trauma or difficulties at school. Regardless of the reason, I passionately believe that young people should be able to access counselling as needed. 

I provide a confidential space for young people to be able to talk about anything which they would like to, sessions will be led by them and at their pace, ensuring they feel they have control over talking about their story.


Confidentiality will be maintained between the young person and myself, unless they disclose something which makes me believe either they, or someone else is at risk of harm. In these cases I would discuss with the young person who I would need to pass this onto and the reasons why. Wherever possible breaking confidentiality will be done with the young person's permission, however the safety and wellbeing of the young person is always the priority. 

I work as the College Counsellor at The Ladies' College and am therefore unable to work privately, with young people who are students at the College. 

I am incredibly passionate about supporting future generations with my work and I want this to be as accessible as possible, so I have a "pay what you can" option for young people who may face financial barriers to accessing counselling. We will agree a mutually agreed fee based on what is financially possible. Please ask about this during your initial consultation call for more information.

I have a fully enhanced DBS check and am up to date with child protection and safeguarding training. 

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