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If you are feeling unsure of whether counselling is right for you, it can be helpful to hear from others sharing their experiences. Below are testimonials from people who have had counselling through With Grace Counselling. When asked to provide feedback of their overall experience of With Grace Counselling, this is what they shared:

"Very helpful, has helped me to put my mind at rest and process parts of my life that I couldn’t before." 

"My experience with Grace was great. I went in not knowing if talking to Grace would help but found that she's a great listener and speaker."

"Grace gave me a safe space to explore my thoughts and questions myself. She is approachable, warm and accommodating and I'm glad I came to see her."

"Grace is really kind and attentive, contributed some thought-provoking questions, and listened without judgement. Her appointment emails were clear and useful and she was flexible when it came to rearranging appointments. I particularly like the summaries she provided at the end of each session as they made me feel heard and understood and sometimes hearing it back would help me to leave feeling clearer about some of my feelings."

"I found ‘With Grace Counselling’ very beneficial, allowing me to open up about my own personal experiences that have happened through my life and knowing that I have a support and someone I can speak to each week. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone in need of help. It’s been a great experience which I’m very grateful for."

"I made some real progress as the work we did worked nicely around me and my schedule. The focus was more on me, rather than specific criteria which was most beneficial to me."

All testimonials are published with the consent of the client.
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