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Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

There are 3 ways to book your session with me, firstly you can book online by clicking here alternatively you can book via WhatsApp message or email which can be found on the contact page here

Is what I say confidential?

I take your confidentiality very seriously and anything you say in your session remains confidential (between me and you). We will visit this more in depth during your first session and you will have time to ask me any questions you may have.

How much is a session?

Your consultation call is free, all following ​sessions are currently £80.00. A small number of sessions are kept back for young people aged 13 -17 who are facing financial adversity, please email to discuss this further. You can find more information about fees here.

How many will I need?

Counselling is a personal journey, and so everyone will feel differently about how many sessions they would like to have. We will regularly review our work together and sessions are open to continue for as long as you feel you need them. 

It's completely normal to have lots of questions, we will have time during your consultation call to answer any you might have, if you would like them answered sooner please send me an email with your questions.

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